Which Professions Need a Short Term Loan or Payday Loans?

Which Professions Need a Short Term Loan or Payday Loans?

Which professions use a short term loan?

Which professions need a short term loan or payday loan?

The CFA report in 2015 identified that, most of the people who had taken out a payday or short term loan are male aged between 18 – 34.  They were unmarried and without kids. Like any generalisation, how true was this at the time and then how true is it today?

QuidMarket is a responsible short term loan direct lender. We have written this blog as an informational guide to try and establish why certain professions need payday loans more than others.

Which Professions Need A Short Term Loan or Payday Loans the Most?

Looking at the report from the CFA, it’s easy to think that there is a certain class of people who take out a short term loan or payday loans. Only people who take home is in a certain bracket,

Those who apply for a short term loan or payday loan come from different professions with their own individual problems and circumstances. However, despite the diversity in these professions, there are also a number of common links which some jobs share.

Below is the top 20 professions that take a loan out from a lender:

1: Nurses 13:  Construction Workers
2: Professional Care Workers 14: Plumbers
3: Health Care Assistants 15: Telecoms Engineers
4: Social Workers 16: Train Drivers
5: Paramedics 17: Bus and Coach Drivers
6: Pharmacists 18: Warehouse Workers
7: Retail Sales Assistants 19: Paralegals
8: Estate Agents 20: Teachers
9: Kitchen Staff 21:  Police Staffing
10: Consultant Agency 22:  Firefighters
11: Bank Staff 23: Architects
12: Car Mechanics


The Truth

The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a typical borrower. They come from all backgrounds and are of all educational levels.


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