Valentine's Day - quidmarketloans.comValentines Day – High impact / low cost

Valentines Day can be a costly business especially if you allow yourself to be swept up by the commercial, consumer-marketing machine.  Shelling out for cards, flowers, jewellery or chocolates can seem the obvious route. There is however, a more memorable way to show your other half that you love them, without spending a fortune. Think about what will bring a cheeky smile to your partners face and you will be on the right track…

♥ Demand their full attention

Turn off your mobile for the whole evening. Giving your loved one your undivided attention on Valentines Day is essential. Many of us fall victim to carrying mobiles with us at all times and even break conversation to answer a call or reply to a text without giving it a second thought.  When it comes to Valentine ’s Day, you should funnel your entire attention to your lover to show you mean business

♥ Invest time and effort

Although flowers and heart shaped gifts are a wonderful addition to any Valentines Day, create a greater impression with selfless, heartfelt actions instead. Take the time to cook a lovely meal and if you can’t cook, most supermarket chains have a Valentine’s Day Meal Deal waiting for you to re-heat

♥ Use your smart speaker to set the scene

Whether using Siri, Google or Alexa, with one command you can now dim the lights and play a romantic playlist.  Connect smart lights and a music streaming service and set the scene for romance with one command.  This is bound to bring a smile to your partners face

♥ Snuggle up in front of a roaring fireplace, even if you don’t have one

If you have a Smart TV there’s a high probability that the YouTube App is built in.  Simply open the App and search ‘Log fire’ to find hours of crackling fire movies to cast a romantic light over your proceedings.  This can be a lovely addition to the obligatory splattering of tea-lights

♥ Reminisce with a romantic memory

Maybe take them back to a romantic a holiday, a sentimental moment or a proposal. Set the scene to re-trigger the emotions of the special event.  Recreate the scene paying close attention to arousing the senses; the lighting, the sounds, the smells and tastes.  This will transcend your loved one back in time

♥ Make a night of it

By planning an evening full of entertainment you demonstrate that you’ve invested time and thought into making your partner happy

♥ Play a favourite film or TV show

Nothing says ‘I know you better than anyone’ than remembering your partner’s favourite shows. Maybe it’s a certain episode of Friends, Sex and the City or a classic Meg Ryan RomCom

♥ Hide a love note

Hand written words with a sentimental meaning maybe the most direct route to a loved-ones heart.  Take time to write heartfelt words that describe why they are your number one and you’ll melt the hardest of hearts

♥ Try these kissing techniques and watch their knees go weak

When did you last kiss your partner? Kiss your partner with passion?

Hold the sides of the head with fingers exploring the nape of the neck and gently pull your partners face closer to yours. Hands placed softly in this position while you kiss are powerful. Get ready to catch them if they should fall.

Gently kiss the eyelids, the nose and nibble the earlobes. These are the most sensitive part of the face, the more gentle you can be, the more passionate will be their response

♥ How many ways can you say I love you?

Prepare a list of reason why you love your partner and slip them into conversation throughout the night.  Try to err on the side of being cute rather than sexy or you will come over like a panting dog.  Read your lines back before you use them.  If they make you feel a little nauseous, then leave them well alone.

♥ Sensuous bathtub pampering or sexy shower shenanigans

There is just something satisfying about warm water on the skin.  If your loved one prefers a soak in the tub, then try coupling some heart shaped bath bombs and a pampering face-mask with an array of candles to score a plethora of brownie points.  If sharing a hot steamy shower is your thing, invest in a thick mud to massage into each other while you’re there

♥ Scatter Swizzels Love Heart sweets liberally

These cute, iconic sweets have romantic slogans to keep bringing you both back to the subject of love for the whole night.

Swizzels Love Hearts


Say ‘I love you’ with thoughtful words and actions to save yourself a fortune.  Why not create a more memorable Valentine’s Day experience this year on a shoestring budget.  It might just be the most romantic Valentine’s Day you ever have…