Saving for Christmas

Saving for Christmas

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5 Tips for Saving for Christmas

With summer finally here and many of us enjoying the sun, the last thing on your mind is saving for Christmas. With only 120 days to go or 4 paydays (those who are paid monthly), is it time to start thinking about saving?
For those who want to get ahead of the game, here are some ideas to help you save for the festive period:

1. Save a £1 a day for Christmas

You can start by putting a £1 every day in a jar until 01 December. If you do this, you would save £98 for the present fund.

2. Save £10 a week

If you can afford to put a little more each week, you could put £10 away each week until 01 December, which will give you £190 for the Christmas fund.

3. Ditch the Coffee

Why not cut back on your cups of Costa or Starbucks each week? On average a cup of coffee costs £2.60 so only have 2 cups a week instead of the normal 4 this will save you £130 – and think of what you could do with the time you have saved in the queue.

4. Home cook, not dial up

We all enjoy a take away treat, normally on a Friday night when we are to tired to cook after a long day at work. However, if you cut-out a takeaway twice a month, you will have saved £188 by the first Friday of December.

5. Stay in on a Saturday night

We all love a good night out, with our friends or just let our hair down. However if you can forgo two nights out a month that would save you up to £568 to help the elves with the Christmas shopping.

With these tips you could have up to £1,080.60 towards Christmas , taking the pressure off November’s pay day.