Same day Loans

Same day Loans

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Same Day Loans

Sometimes, because of the nature of the loans we offer, they are known as “same day loans”

What are Same Day Loans?

A same day loan is another name for the product we provide.

As the cash is normally sent the same day the loan has been approved.

You may also know the names Payday Loan, Short Term Loan, Instant Cash Loan among others.

Can I get Same Day Loans?

QuidMarket loans are designed to help when you need the cash most.

If you are approved we will usually send the money to your bank account the same day.

You can borrow from £300 – £600 from 3 – 6 months as a new customer. Returning customers can borrow from £300 – £1,500 from 3 – 6 months.

All applications are processed manually are subject to affordability checks and assessments.

Same Day Loans Cash Transfer

If your loan application is approved we will send the cash directly to your bank account.

On rare occasions, it might take until the next day for your bank to make the funds available for you.

We send the money via Faster Payments System (FPS) and so it normally takes just a few minutes to become available for withdrawal.

Do I Need a Guarantor?

Here at QuidMarket, you will not need to provide a guarantor to apply for a loan.

A guarantor is a person who will also undergo the underwriting process with you and will become liable for the loan repayments should you be unable to do so.

Quick Application

It can all be done online and is a simple process. Fill in your application and we will take care of the rest.

You will just need your details, work details (including phone number and address), bank details, Debit Card details and an overview of your incoming and outgoings.

The form can be filled in over a few minutes. Please make sure the information is accurate or it could delay your application.

How Quick Can I Get Same Day Loans?

We can never guarantee how quickly you can receive the funds, or if indeed you will be accepted.

We will always strive to transfer the funds the same day and we will always keep you informed of each stage of the application.

So, if you need that extra bit of cash to help with an unexpected expense, fill in an application for a QuidMarket Loan.