Mother’s Day: Thoughtful ideas that mean the world to your Mum

Mother’s Day: Thoughtful ideas that mean the world to your Mum

Thoughtful ideas for Mother's Day -

Mother’s Day 11th March: Thoughtful ideas that mean the world to Mum

Show Mum how much you care with cost effective ideas from QuidMarket.

Here at QuidMarket HQ we performed a little experiment asking our Mums to vote on what they would really appreciate this Mothering Sunday.  The results were quite startling. The majority of us had been getting it wrong for years.  The usual cards, flowers, chocolates performed poorly compared to other things on the list…

Be her little helper for the day – spend time with her

At the top of the list was giving your time and help.  Mums love to spend time with their kids no matter what their age.  Over a lifetime, Mums do so much for us. Mothering Sunday is the perfect time to payback a little and do something generous, solely to help her.  Here are some examples of how you can bring a broad smile to your Moms face.

  • Wash her car
  • Make her breakfast in bed
  • Cook her favourite home cooked meal
  • Do her laundry while she drinks tea and eats scones
  • Arrange a night in with her favourite friends / relatives – catered by you of course!

Be thoughtful

Sending your Mum a card and some flowers takes a minute to organise but the things Mums really love are those things that take time and effort to arrange

  • Take her somewhere or accompany her on a visit somewhere. Are there places she would love to go to or maybe just a walk in the country would blow off the cobwebs?
  • Drive her to see a favourite friend or family member that lives too far for her to travel to alone.  You can put her favourite music on the car stereo and have a sing-song to power ballads to pass the time
  • Create a playlist of her favourite songs and burn it to a CD
  • Bake her favourite cake

Low cost thoughtful treats

  • A jar of goodies – cram a jar full of your Mum’s favourite products and she will think you have gone to so much trouble.  Pack in low cost items like lip balm, hand cream, her favourite sweets etc. Add a pretty bow around the neck of the jar for that final touch of love
  • Afternoon tea – search for deals at your local teashops.  Groupon and are teaming with ridiculously cheap offers; just search ‘afternoon tea’
  • Plan a movie night – What is you Mums favourite film or is there something she is desperate to see?  Organise a night in with all the trimmings.  Maybe popcorn and prosecco is right up your mother street
  • Flowering bulbs such as daffodils and crocuses make a beautiful low cost gift option compared to a bunch of traditional flower.  Wrap the plant pot in lovely gift wrap and ribbon for that finishing touch of decadence
  • Low cost picture frames with a collage of family photos will always be cherished / low cost photo canvases can be ordered cheaply online too
  • Candles always make a lovely gift.  With many supermarkets selling low-cost scented varieties, they do not have to cost the earth like the expensive brands.  Wrap your candles and candle holders in gorgeous pastel gift-wrap and ribbon to ensure they look luxurious


Mums just want to feel appreciated on Mothering Sunday.  Take the time to put yourself in her shoes for a moment and think about what is going to bring joy to her day.  If all this fails, try sending her a poem by text to melt her heart.

Free examples are available on the link below: