Here at QuidMarket, our aim is to help hard-working people borrow cash in emergency situations. We don’t think it’s fair to exclude people simply because they have a low credit score. Our low credit loans are tailored to your specific financial situation, so you can be confident that they’re the right choice for you.

  • New customers can borrow between £300 and £600*
  • Returning customers may be eligible to borrow up to £1,500*
  • Flexible repayment terms between 3-6 months
  • QuidMarket is an FCA Authorised responsible direct lender
  • No hidden fees for low credit loans in the UK
  • No guarantor or collateral needed
  • Quick and easy application online
  • Decisions made by humans, not computers
  • You’re welcome to apply for loans with a low credit history
  • You’ll usually receive the cash the same day as approval

*Loan amounts and repayment terms are dependent on affordability checks

On this page, we’ll cover off what you need to know about taking out loans with a low credit history so that you can make an informed decision about whether they’re the right choice for you. If you have any questions about our low credit score loans, feel free to contact QuidMarket and we’ll be more than happy to help.

About Low Credit Loans UK

When it comes to being approved for short term loans, your options can be somewhat limited if you don’t have the best credit score. This is due in part to the fact that credit scores are designed to reflect your previous borrowing behaviour – a low credit score can signal that you have missed payments on loans or other forms of credit in the past. However, a low score could also be due to simply not having much borrowing history either, which is not necessarily a negative thing.

Whatever the reason for your credit score being low, it will make finding a lender who can help you more difficult, and you will not be eligible for many mainstream loans with a low credit history. However, if you need help to cover emergency costs, a low credit score loan, also known as a bad credit loan, may be suitable as a short term solution.

Low credit loans are designed to help people with a poor credit score borrow money without having to put up collateral, or ask a friend or family member to act as a guarantor. It is important to note that low credit score loans are designed only to be used in an emergency. Low credit loans are an expensive form of borrowing, should not be used as debt consolidation loans, and are not a suitable option for those with long-term financial issues.

About Our Low Credit Score Loans

At QuidMarket, we believe that when you need loans with a low credit history, you should still get a good deal from a great lender. As a FCA authorised lender offering low credit loans in the UK, we always put the best interests of our customers first and follow responsible lending guidelines. We will not approve applications if we believe it could lead to further financial difficulties.

Our low credit loans in the UK are unsecured loans, meaning that we do not ask for collateral or a guarantor. With our short term loans, you can choose flexible repayments between 3 and 6 months to tailor the repayments to your upcoming budget. We do this so that the repayments are sustainably affordable for you. However, if your circumstances change during your loan term, contact QuidMarket immediately and we will try to help you avoid defaulting on the low credit loan by arranging an alternative payment solution.

How We Offer Loans with a Low Credit History

We don’t cut corners to offer low credit loans, nor do we expect our customers to take on disproportionate risks to be approved for loans with a low credit history. We are able to offer low credit score loans because we focus on whether the loan is sustainably affordable for each customer, on a case by case basis.

A big part of this is the fact that each application for low credit loans in the UK that we receive is manually checked by a fully trained member of our team. Sure, it takes a few minutes longer than if we were to automate the process, but we think it’s worth our time. Even with the extra effort we put in, we still strive to offer same day loans wherever possible, so that our customers can make the necessary payment without delay.

How to Apply for Our Low Credit Loans UK

Before applying for our low credit loans UK, you should first check whether you meet our eligibility criteria. These are:

  • Live in the UK
  • Over 23 years old, and under 65 years old
  • Have a mobile phone (we send an SMS code during your application)
  • Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card (we run a verification check that takes 1p)
  • Be in employment and take home at least £1,300 a month

If you match the above, you’re welcome to fill out an application form. Here, we’ll ask you some straightforward questions about you, your employment status (we will never contact your employer for any reason) and your finances. The application for loans with a low credit history doesn’t take long, but it’s important to complete it as accurately as possible.

Once we receive your low credit loan application, we will carry out the required credit and affordability checks, and determine if our low credit score loans are a suitable solution for your current finances. While we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to approve your application for low credit loans in the UK, you can be confident that we make our decisions responsibly.

At QuidMarket, we want all applicants and customers to be confident in their choices, and to be able to make informed decisions. If you have any questions about our low credit score loans, contact us and we will be happy to help. You may also find the answer on our dedicated FAQ page. We take pride in being fully transparent, so you can rely on a clear and honest answer about the low credit loans from QuidMarket.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, visit: