How It Works

Short Term Loan Apply NowApplying for a QuidMarket short term loan

Eligibility – You must

  • Have a UK bank account with a valid debit card
  • Be over 23 years old
  • In employment – Monthly take home pay must be over £1000
  • Have a mobile phone
    • We text a 4 digit verification code to your mobile which you will use to finalise your application.
  • Live in the UK
    • Only apply for what you can afford

If you can answer “NO” to all of the above, unfortunately we would not be able to lend to you on this occasion. If you can answer “YES” to the above, this does not mean you will automatically be approved, we have internal checks and assessments to perform before making any decisions.

The financials

Use our slider bars to see the amount you would like to borrow and the period; this will give you an idea of repayment amounts and the total amount repayable before you apply

On average our 4 page application, takes  less than 5 minutes to complete!

On the final page you will  see your short term loan agreement and some other vital documents that ensure you are clear about the agreement, if you are happy you sign and we receive your application.  These documents are also sent to you via email, it is important you read and understand them.


Your application will then be passed to an individual to make sure everything is okay with your short term loan application.

If we have any problems or need to clarify anything, we’ll call your mobile phone, and if we can’t get you we will text and email you, we are always striving to pay loans out straight to your bank account as soon as we can

If you need to call QuidMarket Loans with regards to your application, you’ll never sit in a queue or have to go through annoying options; our Customer services team will be able to help you straight away.

Paying us back

We’ll automatically take this from the debit card you provided on your pay date.

It is important to pay back on time, and if you for some reason can’t stick to our agreement, just call us and we can work something out, we DON’T charge late payment fees on our short term loan.

You can always pay back early, for example you originally agreed to pay back over 6 months, if you find you have the money to pay earlier, so you can save yourself some money. We don’t charge you for this either.

Top up short term loans are not a service we currently offer – but stay tuned in for any future developments.

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Repeat customers of QuidMarket Loans

Means that re applications are much faster, as we have most of your details on file already

You have more flexibility; a new customer can only apply for £300-£600 over 4-6 months however as a repeat customer you can apply for £200-£750 (subject to affordability) short term loan and choose to pay back over 1 month if you like.