The excitement and anticipation of Bonfire Night is palpable for children, so it’s a great time to get the family together for an evening of fun. If the purse strings are tight, don’t despair; this article provides a guide to having the best evening of entertainment without having a huge impact on your pocket.
Up and down the UK there are plenty of free firework displays to choose from. Check out the full list of FREE firework displays at the bottom of this article.

Hotdogs & Toffee Apples

Opt out of the obligatory, over-priced hot dogs and toffee apples. These can add up to a hefty bill if you buy them at a fireworks display. Instead, make your own at home and scoff them before heading out. Hitting the event with a hungry tummy is never a good idea. The yummy, fragrant smells are bound to seduce you into parting with your hard earned cash. Whereas a tin of 6 hotdogs can cost as little as than £1, 6 finger rolls around £1, and couple of onions around 50p, a single hotdog at the event could cost around £5. The plan is to keep cost down to a bare minimum.

A toffee apple will keep the kids quiet for 10 minutes (if you’re lucky!) Here’s a delicious twist on the traditional toffee apple recipe from the BBC.
These are a cheap alternative compared to those sold individually on the high street or at events, but at least you have peace of mind that they’re freshly made with great un-bruised apples.

What’s everyone drinking? (Adults Only)

This year’s hit for the autumn nights is called Winter Pimms. A delicious hot beverage that provides spicy warmth that heats up the coldest of hearts. Kept warm in a flask, this will spice up your evening while curbing the need to buy overpriced hot drinks at the event. Try this delicious recipe.


Doesn’t everyone love writing their names with a sparkler? Sparklers are a great treat for everyone. Here’s a list of the best prices on the high street.


  • 3 pack of 21 sparklers (10 inch) £1.29
  • 10-pack of 18 inch giant sparklers £1.65



  • 5 pack of Gold Sparklers 50p
  • 5 pack of Giant sparklers £1



  • 2 pack of 6 WECO sparklers (40cm) £1.99



  • 5 pack of 10-inch mega sparklers 50p each pack
  • 3 pack £1



  • 5 pack of Giant Moonlight sparklers £1



  • 10 Mega Sparklers £3


Firework safety first

Keep fireworks in a sealed tin and light only one at a time. Check for BS7114:1988, BS EN 15947:2010, or CE markings which confirms they’ve been made to meet British or European safety standards.

Keeping warm when you out and about

To ensure a great night,  wrap up with plenty of thin layers to hold in the heat. The last thing you want to be is shivering by the bonfire trying to keep yourself warm. It’s just not a good look. Remember your gloves if you’re taking sparklers and more importantly make sure the kids have theirs! Enjoy.

Various dates / various locations – some are free

Sunday 5th November – Trinity Centre – free

Saturday 4th November – Midsummer Common – donation Expected

Various dates / Derbyarious locations – free

Saturday 4th November / Willington Village – free

Sunday 5th November – Overseal – free

Various dates / various locations – free

Sunday 5th November – Waterfront – free

Various dates / various location – some are free

Various dates / various locations – free

Sunday 5th November 2017 at Forest Recreation Ground – free

Various dates / various locations – some are free

Saturday 4th November – Manor Fields – free

Various dates / various locations – some are free

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