Collecting for the homeless

Collecting for the homeless

collecting for the homeless -

Collecting for the homeless

Around Christmas-time, most of us reflect on how fortunate we are to live in our centrally heated homes.  Shielded from the bitter cold.  We get through the winter months without really thinking about those less fortunate.  Homelessness can happen for many reasons and it is a quite complicated issue.


The Charity Framework help homeless and vulnerable people to tackle both the cause and the consequence of homelessness.  They don’t just help the rough sleepers, they also help those who are about to be evicted or just down on their luck. They ensure that every donated penny is put to great use to shield them from harm.  Last year alone they helped 11,917 people.

QuidMarket Team

As a good will gesture, the QuidMarket team decided to help collect for this fantastic charity.    It was a desperately cold day (you can tell by the frozen smile) and this only made us more aware of why we were collecting.  Standing there, freezing in the bitter wind, made us even more determined to collect as much as we possibly could.  At the end of the day, we could go back into the warmth but the homeless, simply didn’t have this option.


We were collecting in Bingham and we would like to offer a heartfelt thankyou to all the generous donations we received.  We even had a couple of visitors who shared their stories of homelessness with us.  Previously helped by the Framework charity, they wanted to pay back to the charity, now they were in a better situation.  To hear their stories first hand made us only more certain of the great work that the Framework Charity does.

If you wish to volunteer (it costs nothing but a little time), you can find more information at