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This is for illustration purposes only. Your repayment schedule will be confirmed during your application

*All applications are subject to affordability checks*

Representative example: Borrow £300 for 3 months / Interest payable £154.37 / Total amount payable: £454.37 in 3 instalments / 3 payments of £151.46 / Representative 1301% APR / Interest rate 292% per annum (fixed) / Maximum APR 1625.5%

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As a new customer the minimum repayment period is 3 months and the maximum is 6 months. Additional options may be available to you as a repeat customer.

When you’re faced with an unexpected expense, cash loans can be a lifesaver. Here at QuidMarket, we offer hard-working people cash loans in the UK.

  • New customers can borrow between £300 and £600*
  • Returning customers may be eligible to borrow up to £1,500*
  • Flexible repayment terms between 3-6 months
  • QuidMarket is an FCA Authorised responsible lender
  • No hidden fees for cash loans in the UK
  • We’re a direct lender of cash advance loans
  • Quick and easy application for cash loans online
  • Decisions made by humans, not computers
  • No guarantor or collateral needed
  • All levels of credit considered
  • You’ll usually receive the cash the same day as approval

*Loan amounts and repayment terms are dependent on affordability checks

On this page, you’ll find a great deal of information about our cash loans online service. If you’re unsure about anything, or would like to find out more, contact QuidMarket and we’ll be happy to chat. Once you’re ready and confident about your decision, you can apply for our cash loans now, using the yellow Apply Now button above.

How to Apply for Our Cash Loans Online

We’ve refined our application process so that with one quick and easy application, we’re able to help hard-working people get cash loans in the UK quickly and fairly. When you apply for cash advance loans with QuidMarket, we don’t make you complete an overly long-winded application form with every detail of your finances. All we’ll ask is a few simple questions about yourself, your employment status (we’ll never contact your employer for any reason) and your current finances.

At this stage, you’ll need to determine how much you want to borrow, and how long you’ll need to repay it. You can use the handy loan calculator tool on our homepage to try out different combinations. As you do this, we’ll update the example repayment schedule, showing you how much you could repay each month. Your personal repayment schedule will be confirmed during your application, and it’s important to look over this before signing for the loan.

Before you apply for our cash loans in the UK, you must meet our eligibility criteria. You’re welcome to apply for cash loans now if you meet the following:

  • Live in the UK
  • Over 23 years old, and under 65 years old
  • Have a mobile phone (we send an SMS code during your application)
  • Hold a UK bank account with a valid debit card (we run a verification check that takes 1p)
  • Be in employment and take home at least £1,300 a month.

About Our Cash Loans UK

We believe that when you’re faced with short-term cash flow issues and are looking for cash advance loans to tide you over, you should still get a good deal from a great lender. QuidMarket’s cash loans online can help you if you have a broken-down boiler, if your car is in the garage for emergency repairs or if you have any other unavoidable, emergency expenses that can’t be paid in instalments or wait until you have the cash to pay for them upfront yourself.

Our cash loans UK service provides new customers with short term loans of up to £600, which you can repay over up to 6 months. The cash loans online application process is designed to be as quick and easy as possible, so you can make the necessary payment without delay. And you can do so confidently – we’re an FCA authorised direct lender of cash loans in the UK, follow responsible lending guidelines and treat every applicant with respect. You can find us on the FCA’s register under license number 677995, and our company name Stagemount Ltd.

Cash Advance Loans Suitable for Bad Credit

When it comes to finding cash loans online, having a poor credit score can often hold you back. Here at QuidMarket, we don’t believe that a credit score is the best representation of whether you’re well suited to the loan you’re applying for, so we’re happy to overlook a low score. This is because credit scores are calculated based on your financial past. Nowadays, responsible lending centres around looking at your current financial situation and determining if you can sustainably afford the repayments on the exact loan terms you have chosen.

A big part of being able to offer cash loans online quickly, fairly and regardless of your credit score is the fact that every application is manually looked over by a fully trained member of our team. We carefully consider every application we receive for cash loans online, and are still able to offer a convenient service. We strive to offer same day loans whenever possible, and to have the cash in your bank account usually 10 minutes after you’ve signed your loan agreement.

Next Steps for Your Cash Loans

Once you’ve submitted your cash loans UK application, it will be reviewed by a fully trained member of our team. During this time, we will run the necessary credit and fraud prevention checks. As we’ve mentioned above, you don’t need to worry that a low credit score will prevent you from being approved for our cash advance loans if you would be able to afford the repayments. A word of advice: companies who offer cash loans with no credit checks operate outside of the FCA guidelines on short term lending. By taking out cash loans with no credit checks, you would be foregoing the protections put in place by the FCA for customers of short term credit.

While we aren’t able to guarantee that every application for our cash loans in the UK will be successful, those we can help  their ideal cash loans online. If we are able to approve your application, all you need to do is read over and digitally sign your loan agreement and we’ll send your cash loans now. We do this without delay, and most applicants receive their cash in around 10 minutes – although you may have to wait slightly longer if you sign your agreement outside of our working hours, or if your bank or building society doesn’t facilitate Faster Payments.

Why Choose QuidMarket for Cash Loans in the UK?

As a quick summary of our cash advance loans, as a new customer, you are able to borrow between £300 and £600 (dependent on affordability checks) and choose a flexible repayment schedule to suit your budget over the next 3 to 6 months.

We don’t charge hidden fees, abide by responsible lending practices and would never approve an application for cash loans in the UK if it would lead you into further financial difficulties. If, at any point during your loan term, you think you might have difficulty with your next repayment, you can simply get in touch and we’ll try to help work out a suitable alternative to prevent you from defaulting on the loan.

At QuidMarket, we want you to be completely confident in your decision to take out cash loans online with us. If you have any questions about our cash loans online service, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Once you’re ready, you can apply for our cash loans now.

While we try to process our cash loans online applications as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will receive funds on the same day you apply. We take a personal approach to reviewing applications instead of using automated computer responses, which takes a little more time. However, it means that we able to assess your details properly, and spot any mistakes or issues. In order to speed up the checking process on your application for cash loans today, make sure your details are as accurate as possible. This will ensure a smoother process and potentially lead to a quicker lending decision.

At QuidMarket, we pride ourselves on helping hardworking people secure the funds they need when they need it most. This means that we offer cash loans for bad credit and will do everything we can to make sure you are able to afford repayments. As we base our lending decisions on your affordability rather than your full credit history, we are able to offer our cash loans for bad credit to people in a range of circumstances. We take your monthly income, essential outgoings, and other financial commitments into consideration to determine whether you will be able to sustainably afford the monthly repayments. We have our customers’ best interests at heart, so if we think you may struggle, we would need to decline your application for your own wellbeing, but we will perform detailed checks before making any decisions.

QuidMarket do not offer loans to those on benefits-only incomes, but are willing to help those with poor credit. However, there could be many quick cash loans lenders online that could help. If you are on income support and searching for a loan, you should aim to find lenders that offer affordability checks rather than credit checks. With this checking process, you will be required to supply evidence of your benefits income, essential spending, and any other financial commitments. The lender will review these to determine whether you will be able to sustainably make the monthly repayments. However, it is essential to consider that this type of loan may be an expensive way to borrow, so you should only apply if truly necessary.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, visit: