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Sport Relief

15 September 2020

Sport Relief

Sport Relief is back next week, bringing the nation together every 2 years to raise money through the power of sport.

Since 2018, Sport Relief has helped more than 13 million people both in the UK and around the world and aims to fight inequality to create a better, fairer world free from poverty.

What does Sport Relief do?

Please remember, the fun activities you do can help people in the most serious of situations.

Sport Relief work with local charities and their ethos is to “invest in them as they grow”.

Working with local charities helps deliver the services quicker and easier and for the people who need it most.

The money you donate goes into making improvements in peoples’ lives in 4 main categories;

Improve mental health support

Since the last Sport Relief over 74,000 people have been provided access to quality mental health services and support.

This was made possible by the £4m that was awarded from the donations made by you!

Your donations also help charities who fight against the stigma and discrimination towards people who suffer from mental health and help make sure people get the support and empathy they need.

Ensure people have a safe place to be

Homelessness is a real problem around the world. Around 1 in 5 people don’t have the basic human need of shelter – that is nearly 1.5billion people or more than 22 times the population of the UK.

One of the core aims of Sport Relief is to help as many people as possible have a safe place to call home.

More than 15,000 people have now gained access to safe accommodation or support since the last Sport Relief with more than £2m being awarded from public donations going towards rural settlements in Africa.

Help children to survive and thrive

Infant mortality around the world affects millions of families, with poverty and neglect being the primary cause.

390,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa have been vaccinated against deadly diseases since last year due to the donations awarded by Sport Relief.

Reduce fear, violence and discrimination

Sport Relief works hard to provide a place where people can escape the fear and damage caused by violence, abuse and discrimination.

Since last year over 134,000 people in the UK have accessed specialist services to provide help for people who have experienced domestic abuse.

More than £2m has been awarded over the last year to charities who work to eliminate violence against women and girls.

What can I do to raise money for Sport Relief?

Whether you’re a solo athlete or team player there’s plenty of activities you can do to raise money for Sport Relief.

Head over to the Sport Relief Website for some great ideas of how you can take part, whether that’s at home, work, school or university.

There’s also a fundraising pack and a link to set up your own “Just Giving” page.

Once you’ve set your fundraising event there are loads of free downloads on the Sport Relief website, from posters to online banners – there’s even an email signature to help spread the word.

How does my money help others?

A little can go a long way into making a huge difference in people’s lives. The sport relief website gives some examples of how your donations help make lives better around the world.

A £10 donation can help provide a child living on the streets in Malawi with food and a counselling session.

£100 can provide food for 400 children at a free school holiday club in the UK.

£50 can run an ambulance in Sierra Leone for a week. £20 can fund a potentially lifesaving webchat with a man at risk of suicide in the UK.

Head over to the Sport Relief website to read more about the amazing work done by volunteers and charities funded by your donations.

If you are ever in need of a bit of inspiration when you feel the burn towards the end of your sponsored swim the stories on here really will give you that extra 10% you might need!

Celebrity Sport Relief

Over the years Sport Relief has been getting bigger and bigger with plenty of celebrities putting their bodies on the line to help improve the lives of others.

This year we see famous faces compete in 3 triathlons in 3 days in Dare2Tri, and The Heat Is On for 8 celebrities as they embarked on a 100-mile trek across the desert.

BBC shows “Strictly Come Dancing” and “Dancing with the Stars” are also inviting you to join in the fun and try something new.

Dancing with AJ and Curtis will see people join together to learn an exclusive (and, apparently basic) dance routine for people to learn and perform in a nationwide dance-along.

Sport Relief – Can you Beat Beethoven?

This year will see one of the most unique races ever and you’re all encouraged to join the fun.

On Friday 13 March the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in Manchester.

Book your place to run 5k before they finish the music – can you Beat Beethoven?

Make a donation

If you are more of a spectator than sports star there’s still plenty you can do to help Sport Relief.

If someone you know someone at work, school or university who is running an event ask them how to go about donating. Even handing out posters or flyers yourself can be a great help spreading the word.

Hit the Donate button on the Sport Relief website if you want to donate online. Remember, a little can go a long way to help to change peoples’ lives.

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