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COVID Update

20 October 2020

First of all, the entire QuidMarket short term loans experts want to take this opportunity to thank YOU, our customers, for your support and patience during the COVID pandemic.

This year has been a strange time for most of us. As is the case with many businesses throughout the world, the COVID pandemic has changed the way we work.

We appreciate this year has led to many hard-working families facing uncertainty, with job and financial security seemingly a thing of the past for many industries.

We wanted to update our customers and reassure you we will continue to help in the same way as before.

Are QuidMarket’s phone lines still open?

YES – as with many companies, large and small, we moved to remote working at the beginning of lockdown. This simply means our staff are now working from home.

We are using the same systems and phone lines so you can contact us in the same way as before – phone, email and text message.

The only difference you may notice may be some background noise, like pets or children, but please don’t be alarmed – our staff are working at home.

Rest assured we are still helping our customers in a professional manner and we are still able to provide you with the same level of help and support.

Can I still apply for a QuidMarket loan during COVID?

YES – all our systems are still operating in the same way as before the COVID pandemic. This means we are still open to process new and repeat customers’ applications.

All our criteria remain the same and we will still process your application manually and your application will undergo the same affordability assessments as before – nothing has changed at all in our operations.

Please fill out your application accurately including your up to date wages (for example, if you have been put onto the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or the new Job Support Scheme). We will only approve an application if it is affordable for you.

COVID Update

Can I still make a payment to QuidMarket during COVID?

YES – again, all our payment service providers and systems remain the same. This means you can still make a payment in the same way as before.

You can log onto the Existing Customer Area to manage your account and make payments 24 hours a day. Alternatively, you can send us an email or text message from your registered address or phone number to let us know to take your payment.

If need be, our phone lines are open should you wish to pay over the phone using a Debit Card.

My circumstances have changed – can you help?

Of course – we appreciate this year has led to an unprecedented number of job losses, reductions in hours and insecurity in the job markets.

We know this means a difficult time ahead for many families in the UK. For our customers who are going through a difficult financial period due to COVID we are here to help.

You must contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss your issues. This will help us create an affordable payment plan for your payday advance loan as soon as possible and means we can update your credit file accordingly.

Who can I speak to if I am in financial hardship?

If, however, you feel your financial difficulties are more far-reaching there are a number of options available – please see our previous blog “Help andAdvice” for more info, but it is summarised below;

If you have multiple debts building up and they are affecting your priority bills (such as mortgage/rent, gas/electric, council tax etc), then you may be able to speak to a Debt Management Company (DMC).

They will fill in an income and expenditure form with you to work out where your money is being spent. This will leave an amount to be split between the companies you owe money to.

The DMC will contact the companies for you explaining your arrangement. They will then make an Offer of Payment which is affordable to you.

There are a number of DMCs available. We always recommend seeking out a source of free independent money advice.



Citizens Advice Group

If you need help or advice on how to speak to or deal with the various creditors you may have and you are in a position to speak to them yourself then phone the National Debtline on 0808 808 4000 – they can also offer budgeting advice and have an online free self-help tool called My Money Steps.

There is also Money Helper. They offer free and impartial money advice and was set up by government.

Head to moneyadviceservice.org.uk for advice and guides to help improve your finances, tools and calculators to help keep track and plan ahead with support over the phone and online if needed.

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