Cheap Night Out

Pay day is here for some of us, but some will still be counting down the days till they are paid! QuidMarket, the payday loans lender, has some great ideas in order to provide a cheap night out.

Have pre-drinks

 If you’re going to go out drinking this weekend, it makes sense to start your night at home with friends especially now it is summer, you can enjoy the sun in the back garden. That way you won’t need to buy as many drinks whilst you’re out, which can often be five or even six times the price.

A 70cl bottle of Russian Standard Vodka will set you back around £12. Remember to check out the current deals in your local Supermarket saving you money for an extra cocktail or two.

Design My Night

 Websites such as Design My Night help you plan your night no matter what your budget is. Whether you like to live like a millionaire, or if you are more conscious of looking after the pennies. This handy little app lets you enter the city you are planning to have your night out and tells you the price of drinks in each bar, so you can plan your night in advanced.


A number of the big bar chains across the UK such as Greene King, Stonegate, Revolution, M&B all offer discount if you sign up to their newsletter, they will also send you regular discount vouchers throughout the month, as well as Birthday vouchers. Helping you save money for another drink.

Happy Hour

A number of Bars such as Be at One offer discount if you download their App. Be at One gives you the option to have two for one cocktails for a hour when you are in their venue via the app and if you get your friends to download the app as well, you can take it in turns.

Stock up on carbs in advance

Hands up if you’re guilty of getting the drunken munchies? Buying that kebab or Subway after a night out might seem like a good idea at the time, but your bank account won’t thank you for it.

Before hitting the tiles, make sure you eat a proper meal, preferably packed with carbs, so you don’t need to pig out on expensive take away food later. It’s always a bad idea to drink on an empty stomach anyway.

Ditch the credit cards

Ever looked at your bank balance the morning after and had the shock of your life, wondering what you are going to do for the rest of the month! Taking your debit or credit card out with you is never a good idea, as it’s so easy to lose track of how much you’ve spent. This is where prepaid  Card come in handy!. Do yourself a favour and leave the credit cards at home, we promise they won’t get lonely while you are out.

Host a party

 Can’t afford to go out this month! No problem, just throw a house party and ask everyone to bring their own drink. Throw a block/flat party under the pretence of getting to know your neighbours better (again, we jest – always nice to meet your neighbours!).

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