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Are you experiencing the affect of Blue Monday?

15 September 2020

Are you experiencing the affect of Blue Monday?

Christmas and the New Year parties have been and gone. We’ve all enjoyed ourselves and perhaps we have overindulged a bit too. Now that the festive dust has settled, we’re back to normality and the daily grind of the new year. This is when Blue Monday strikes. If you want to find out more about this day, you can learn more from QuidMarket, the short term loans specialists.

What is Blue Monday?

If you were looking for info on the English synth-pop song released in 1983 by New Order, sadly, this is not that Blue Monday. It is instead, a date that a lot of people have begun to dread. Blue Monday usually happens on the third Monday in January and in 2018, it has been determined that 15th January is Blue Monday. It is considered a day of gloominess, with the combination of Christmas being over, dark cold nights and the realisation that we have to wait longer for our next pay packet. The latter is usually due to a lot of companies paying its employees earlier in December in time for Christmas. Though this is very helpful in December it does have the knock-on effect in January. There are other factors that can add to this blue feeling, the state of the world, natural disasters and that Strictly Come Dancing has finished for another year.

Where did it originate?

It was a former (part-time) Cardiff University tutor who first proposed the idea, in a press release from Sky Travel back in 2005. It was Dr Cliff Arnall who was attributed with the idea and since its initial publication, it has worked its way into our lives every January. Blue Monday has been reported on and drawn comment now, for over a decade and doesn’t show signs that it will be forgotten any time soon.

It can’t be worse than last year!

In 2017 the Telegraph wrote that 16th January 2017 could be the most depressing Blue Monday ever. They attributed it to the number of celebrity deaths, anxiety over Brexit and the worries that across the pond in the US, as Donald Trump began his presidency. We should take some comfort in the fact that we have got through 2017’s Blue Monday.  This year we can expect it to be a little easier.   Even though, it will be hyped up by somebody, somewhere.

Is there any truth in it?

Blue Monday has not always been met with admiration. Cardiff University distanced themselves from Cliff Arnall and the whole idea has been considered a pseudoscience. Whether you believe in it or not, there must be some truth in it somewhere. The general hangover from the last week in December must have a critical point and Blue Monday has given us that focus. If we have a point or hump to get over, then once we’re passed the third Monday in January, we’re into the home straight and the worse is behind us.

Even with its critics, the idea of Blue Monday has remained in the public conscious. It doesn’t look like going anywhere soon. Though it is seen as a day when people are at their lowest, it is always important to remember that is not meant to be taken too seriously. It is interesting to know that Cliff Arnall has also calculated that the happiest day of the year.  This is usually sometime in June, close to Midsummer.

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