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Barbecue on a budget

15 September 2020

Barbecue on a budget

The British Summer is here, and there is nothing more we want to do when it is sunny, then get the barbecue out. When planning a barbecue, it does not need to cost the earth, it can be a cheap way of entertaining. Here are QuidMarket, the payday loan specialists, top tips to save you money.

Jazz up cuts of meat

Burgers and sausages are the staple part of barbecues. All the supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda offer cheap meats that you can jazz up. You could stuff your burger patties with cheese, garlic salt, bacon and onions before you put them on the coals. For your sausages why not marinate in a home made sauce, great receipts for this can be found at Asda. Don’t forget that you can also pick up cheap cuts of chicken and marinate these before popping on the BBQ.

Don’t use excess fuel

There is no need to fill your BBQ to the brim with charcoal. One layer across the bottom of the pit is plenty to cook for 1-2 hours. If you are cooking on gas, you don’t always need to use the highest setting. Heat the grill up and then decrease the fuel supply and use the BBQ lid to maintain the heat.

Buy supermarket own brand sauces

Ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard and relish are required at every BBQ party, but there is no need to pay for top brands. Buy the supermarket own branded and put some into small dishes or ramekins for your guests to dig in to. They will never know the difference. You could also make your own twist, by adding chili to your ketchup or garlic to your mayonnaise.

Serve tasty side dishes

BBQ sides should be more than just salad. Making your own coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad and even rice salad is really easy and cheap. Baked potatoes and corn on the cob are also really easy to cook on the grill. You can add your own twist with these side dishes as well. LIKE WHAT? Serving side dishes that fill people up and taste yummy you will not need as much meat.

Don’t forget the vegetables

There is always that one vegetarian guest, so why not prepare for this person and make a few simple veggie sides. When your guests see these dishes they will want to try them too. Try making grilled stuffed peppers or grilled vegetables.

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