Quidmarket will never charge you any fees. You should never pay upfront fees for a loan or send money in return for a loan.

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Struggling to get a loan with bad credit and need financial help? Apply with QuidMarket today.

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QuidMarket has been working since 2011 to provide a solution for hard-working individuals who need a flexible and affordable option for their short-term financial needs. Unlike mainstream lenders who may not cater to those with bad credit or poor credit history, we offer a simple application process and aim to process your short-term instalment loan on the same day, so you can access the funds quickly.

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Reasons to Apply for a Short Term Loan Today

Choose your loan amount – You can borrow between £300 and £600 as a new customer, or up to £1,500 if you’ve borrowed before and your circumstances haven’t changed. When you apply for a short term loan with us, you have a maximum of 6 months to repay it, but we are always willing to work with our customers should they find themselves struggling with their repayments.

We’re a direct lender – There’s no other companies or organisations involved in our lending process, and we are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Your loan will go straight into your bank account and repayments will be made using a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) on your bank card.

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We Offer Loans Between £300 - £1,500

QuidMarket puts you in control with our short term instalment loan options. Our user-friendly sliders make it easy for you to adjust the amount of credit and repayment schedule that best fits your needs. You can view our interest rate, monthly/weekly repayment amounts, and total repayment amount in a table below the sliders, giving you a clear understanding of your loan terms.

approved tick Easy To Apply We have streamlined our online application form which is designed to be as convenient as possible.
card Affordable We always advise people only to borrow what they need and ensure that their monthly repayments are affordable.
thumbs up Trusted Lender We were authorised by the FCA the first time we applied This approval underlines our commitment to our customers and shows that we are a transparent and honest lender.

Get a Short-Term Loan Today

We believe in approving each application for payday loans or instalment loans on its own merits, which means we do not offer guaranteed payday loans or guaranteed instalment loans. However, we do offer a same day loans cash transfer upon approval of your loan application where possible. As long as you meet our lending criteria, you can have the cash in your account when you need it most, whether it’s to pay off an unexpected bill or resolve a household emergency.

To get started, simply use the sliders to select your loan amount and duration, review the repayment schedule, and continue to the application form. Please note that applications made outside of business hours may be funded on the next working day.

Why Borrow From a Direct Lender

QuidMarket is a short term loan direct lender. We will never pass your details on to any third party for sales and marketing purposes unless you specifically request this. The main benefits of borrowing from a direct lender are that it is cheaper for you, the customer. Brokers act as a go-between or middleman and have been known to charge fees which are taken at the time of the application or added to your loan. QuidMarket is fully transparent, and and do not charge any fees. Please note: Your privacy is important to us. We only share information with your permission.

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QuidMarket Reviews and Customer Feedback

We welcome feedback on our services and application process so if you have any comments, please feel free to leave a review on our Trust Pilot review page. Alternatively, if you have a suggestion or new product you would like to see available, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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QuidMarket And The Financial Conduct Authority

The short-term credit industry has gone through many changes. In 2014 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) took over the regulation of companies offering short-term high-cost credit bringing the industry in line with mainstream lenders and banks. A price cap was introduced in 2015:

  • Interest and fees charged must not exceed 0.8% per day of the amount borrowed.
  • Default fees must not exceed £15.
  • Borrowers must never pay more in fees and interest than 100% of the amount borrowed.

Short term loan and payday loan providers had to apply for authorisation from the FCA showing their policies and working practices were within the rules and guidelines set out by them. A large number of companies in the short term loan and payday loan sector did not meet the criteria and either had to prove they had implemented the necessary changes to their policies and working practices or cease trading.

Here at QuidMarket, we were authorised by the FCA at the first application – a very proud day for us all. This approval from the FCA underlines our commitment to our customers and evidences that we are a reputable, transparent and honest lender.

QuidMarket trades under FCA reference number 677995 – you can view the FCA Register on their website.

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QuidMarket FAQs

One of the benefits of borrowing from us is that we have transparent pricing. There are no hidden admin charges or transfer fees, giving borrowers peace of mind that what they see is what they pay.

This means that borrowers can budget effectively and plan for loan repayments without worrying about any unexpected charges. Additionally, once a customer has repaid their initial loan, they may be eligible to apply for an instalment loan again in future using our Existing Customer Area. This makes the process of obtaining a short term loan even more convenient for those who require it.

Short term loans provide borrowers with the option to borrow a specific amount of money and pay it back over a period of 3 to 6 months. This repayment structure enables borrowers to choose flexible and affordable repayments that suit their budget.

These loans are ideal for resolving emergencies and addressing short-term financial issues. It can be especially useful when you require a smaller loan amount and prefer to spread the cost of repayment over several instalments instead of settling the entire balance on your next salary date. This can help alleviate the financial strain and provide much-needed breathing room during challenging times.

QuidMarket does not offer an option to top-up a current loan. You must complete repaying your current loan before you can re-apply if you feel you need a bit of extra cash to help out with any unexpected expenses. You can view the status of your current loan with us in our Existing Customer Area (ECA).

Repeat loan applications are much faster for returning customers. Provided you meet our re-lending criteria and nothing has changed in your financial circumstances, returning customers could even be eligible for a higher amount. Returning customers please note: All loan decisions are dependent on your personal situation and affordability checks. We always advise customers to only borrow what they need and ensure the monthly repayments are affordable. At QuidMarket we do run credit checks, but we do not solely rely on these to make our lending decision for your loan, so even if you have poor credit, our loans may still be available to you.

Short term instalment loans or payday loans are an expensive way to borrow. There may be more suitable and cheaper alternatives available. If you feel you are experiencing long-term financial difficulties, then please visit Money Helper.

To be eligible to apply for our short term loans here at QuidMarket, you must:

  • Be between the ages of 23 and 65
  • Be a resident of the United Kingdom
  • Have a valid mobile number to receive text messages
  • Possess a current UK bank account with a valid debit card
  • Be employed and receive a take-home salary of at least £1,250 per month

If you meet this criteria, you can apply online today. We only ask for essential information that we require to process your loan application. To start your application for a short-term instalment loan, simply click Apply Now.

A short term instalment loan is designed to help you through short term financial issues – therefore we only charge interest daily and for the number of days you have the credit from us. If you want to repay all or part of your loan early, then get in touch with our friendly Customer Care team who will work out the exact amount for you to pay back. There are no early settlement fees or admin fees whatsoever – we are here to help rather than seeking to profit from our customers. Paying your loan back early will not affect your relationship with us or your credit file – it will just save you some money. Neither will it affect your credit score.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, visit: www.moneyhelper.org.uk