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*All applications are subject to affordability checks*

Representative example:
Borrow £300 for 3 months
Interest payable £154.37
Total amount payable: £454.37 in 3
3 payments of £151.46
Representative 1301% APR
Interest rate 292% per annum (fixed)

Warning: Late repayment can cause you, serious money problems. For help, visit:

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As a new customer the minimum repayment period is 3 months and the maximum is 6 months. Additional options may be available to you as a repeat customer.

QuidMarket - About Us

QuidMarket is a Direct Lender providing short term instalment loans and payday loans – we began helping hard-working people meet their short-term financial needs in 2011 and give help to people who have found it difficult to get credit elsewhere; mainstream lenders or banks would not offer support to many people who were experiencing short-term financial problems.

With our customers in mind, we created the QuidMarket short-term loans online. Customers can borrow from £300 to £1,500 and can choose to pay it back from 3 to 6 months, to find out more, please go to our How It Works section.

QuidMarket is now an established short-term loan lender and has helped thousands of people along the way due to our flexible approach to short-term lending. We are fully authorised, licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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How to apply

Making an application for a QuidMarket short-term loan is simple. To begin your application click on the “Apply Now” button above.

QuidMarket short term instalment loans are tailored to suit, meaning you choose the amount you need to borrow and even set the repayment schedule – you can borrow from £300 – £1,500 over 3 – 6 months. Monthly or Weekly payments can be set up to accommodate your income frequency. Use the sliders above to find the best combination for you.

What’s more, provided you meet the lending criteria we usually process the application the same day meaning you can have the cash in your account when you need it most. All loan applications are handled by our specialist underwriters who abide by the rules and guidelines set out by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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How it works

Once you have filled in the quick and straightforward loan application form, your details will then be passed to our specially trained team of underwriters to check you are eligible for a loan. You will need to fill in the application form with as much detail as possible so we can make a quick and accurate decision.

We grant a loan based on many factors, including the affordability of the repayments – use the sliders on the homepage to work out what is affordable to you and the total repayments. If the loan application is approved, we will usually transfer the funds the same day into your bank account, and the repayments will start on your next payday.

For more information about the application process, an eligibility guide and general company information click on the “READ MORE” button below. If you still need more information our FAQ pages answer a lot of the most common questions.

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QuidMarket - Frequently Asked Questions

A Short Term loan or Payday Loan is designed to tide you over until your next payday to help you through short-term financial hardship, or to cover any unexpected expenses.

QuidMarket short-term loans are flexible meaning you can choose the amount and repayment period that suits you. Borrow between £300 and £1,500 and pay it back between 3 and 6 months – the monthly repayments will be displayed on the screen allowing you to be sure you can afford to make the repayments before you sign the agreement. If our underwriters approve your loan, we will usually process it the same day.

Short Term loans are an expensive form of credit and are designed to help with short-term money problems or unexpected expenses – if you think you are experiencing more long-term issues, or need financial advice, please visit the Money Advice Group.

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Short Term loans with a Direct Lender – borrow from £300 to £1,500 with QuidMarket loans

There are no guaranteed payday loans online. If you need a short-term loan or a payday loan, then you may find that most direct lenders will run a credit check and look at your credit report or credit score. Some lenders may sometimes decline personal loan applications if you have a poor credit history. QuidMarket is a direct lender, not a credit broker, so we make the lending decision ourselves. We base our decision on an affordability assessment, among other things, so even if you have poor credit, loans today may still be available to you. You can start your quick QuidMarket online loan application on the home page.

QuidMarket loans started back in 2011, and we are proud to help the hardworking people of the UK through short-term financial problems, bad credit history, or to help with those unexpected bills. We are a direct lender so no broker fees are meaning we can keep our costs down making it more of a cheap loan option for many people. Our interest rate is competitive against our competitors, and we don’t charge any late payment fees. Our application page is fully transparent letting you see how much you will repay each month on your short-term money loan or payday instant loan – there are no hidden costs or charges meaning what you see on the screen is what you will pay.

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Stagemount Ltd is our company name, and we trade as QuidMarket, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under license number 677995.